Gross Building Area (GBA) - 117 000 sq.m
Total area of the shopping and entertainment center - 64 000 m2
Trade Area - 32 000 m2
The office area - 10 000 m2
Residential area - 13 550 m2
Parking - 800 parking spaces
Opening date - 2006 г.
Dnepr, st. Glinka, 2
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Commercial premises
Office rent
Residential Properties
Main characteristics
Gross Building Area (GBA) 117,000 sq.m
Gross Lease Area (GLA) 33,000 sq.m
800 parking spaces
6 escalators
6 elevators
Supermarket "Varus"
Children's entertainment center
Dnipro city, 2 Glinka Str.
Contact manager / broker:
Antonina Sapozhnikova
+38 (067) 563 71 78
Reception of REC MOST-CITY
+38 (067) 56 48 750

REC MOST-city is one of the most large-scale complexes in Ukraine, it is an object of city-wide significance, which includes: the shopping and entertainment complex MOST-city, residential apartments, a business center with Class A offices.

REC MOST-city is located near the Central bridge and occupies a whole block of streets: Glinka, Kotsyubynsky, Kharkovskaya and Knyazya Volodymyra Velykogo (formerly Plekhanov).

Created and designed taking  into account the latest technologies, the MOST-City shopping and entertainment complex has become the embodiment of comfort, beauty and success in the field of commercial real estate.

Convenient layouts and  мodern engineering equipment allow both tenants and visitors / buyers to feel comfortable in the mall.

REC MOST-City is presented in 3 levels.

At the zero level there are:

  • grocery supermarket;
  • a supermarket for household appliances;
  • departments of household services;
  • children’s goods store;
  • pharmacy supermarket.

On the first level of the MOST-City shopping center there are stores of famous brands:

  • clothes and shoes;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • jewelry;
  • souvenir and gift products.

On the second level of the shopping center there is a large entertainment center:

  • cinema;
  • food court area;
  • restaurants;
  • coffee houses;
  • family entertainment complex.

REC MOST-city is more than 14 years, the facility holds the palm in Ukraine in terms of attendance and success in its category.

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