The total area of the facility (GBA) - 7 209 m2.
ОThe total lease area (GLA) - 4 800 m2.
Parking110 car places
Ul. Glinka, 1
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Commercial premises
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Residential Properties
Main characteristics
Total area of the facility (GBA) 7 209 м2
Total rental area (GLA) 4 800 м2
In the courtyard of the shopping center is the Autoport
Parking for 110 cars
Dnepr, st. Glinki, 1
Contact manager / broker:
Skornitsky Vyacheslav
+38 067 556 04 79

New Center is a modern multifunctional trade and business complex, which is equipped with everything necessary for successful business development. Competently organized internal and external territory creates a business mood and helps to concentrate on solving important issues.
The structure of the “New Center” includes two shopping centers, united by a single courtyard with a business complex, which houses offices that are equipped with all necessary engineering systems and corresponds to the “B” class.
Trade and business complex “New Center” occupies a strategic place on the map of the city of Dnepr. It is located in the block bounded by the streets of Sholom Aleichem, Glinka, Lipinsky, (formerly Shirshov) and Kharkov, at the exit from the New Bridge. Convenient transport interchange allows you to easily get to the complex “New Center” from all districts of the city and the suburbs of the Dnepr.
Conceptually, the “New Center” is designed for the average consumer. In the shopping area there is a grocery supermarket “ATB”, stores that sell household goods and household goods, as well as many departments with related products. The second floors are occupied by clothing and footwear shops, wedding salons, a hairdresser.
In the courtyard of the “New Center” there is a stop terminal for public transport, designed for 26 routes. The object had a significant impact on the organization of the commuter traffic, collecting in one comfortable place the final stops of suburban buses and shuttles. The stop terminal of the “New Center” is equipped with loud-speaking systems, video surveillance, night lighting, there is a dispatch center.
The presence of the trade zone saved the passengers from the need to make long transitions in search of the desired purchase. Thus, in a relatively small area, tens of thousands of people solve their everyday problems with comfort daily.

The shopping and business complex “New Center” is built on advanced building technologies using the best materials, which provides not only a beautiful appearance, but also durability with a high level of comfort, both to tenants and visitors/customers.

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Total area of the object - 117 000 m2
Total area of the shopping and entertainment center - 64 000 m2
Trade Area - 32 000 m2
The office area - 10 000 m2
Residential area - 13 550 m2
Parking - 800 parking spaces
Opening date - 2006 г.
Cascade Plaza
The total area of the facility is - 53 000 sq. m.
The area of the trade zone is - 16 500 sq. m
The total area of the TC is - 17 000 sq. m
The area of the residential area is - 19 000 sq. m
Parking - 300 parking spaces
The total area of TBC - 13 650 sq. m.
The area of the trade zone is - 2 110 sq. m.
The area of the office area is - 5 200 sq. m.
Parking - 110 cars
Opening date - 2005 г.
The total area - 17 050 sq.m.
The area of the residential area is 5 577 sq.m.
The office area is10 090 sq.m.
Opening date - 2012 г.
The total area - 7 400 square meters
The office area is - 4 400 square meters
Opening date - November 2007
The total area of the facility (GBA) is 7 500 m2
The total rental area (GLA) is 2 900 m2
The largest open Food Court - 15 operators
The large street screen is - 2,5 х 4,5 м.
Opening date - 01.07.2016 г.
Nasha Pravda
Area of the object (GBA) - 18 000 m2
Total sales area (GLA) - 13 000 m2
Large supermarket - Silpo, COMFY
Parking - 250 parking spaces
Etc. Slobozhansky, 31 D
The total area of the facility (GBA) - 23 300 m2.
Underground parking
Food court, represented by several restaurants
Total sales area (GLA) - 14 000 m2
Children's entertainment center
Escalators - 4
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