Gross building area (GBA) - 7 209 sq.m
Gross lease area (GLA) - 4 800 sq.m
Parking110 car places
1 Glinka Str.
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Main characteristics
Gross building area (GBA) 7 209 sq.m
Gross lease area (GLA) 4 800 sq.m
Avtoport is located in the courtyard of the shopping center
Parking 110 cars
Dnipro city, st. 1 Glinka Str.
7b Vyacheslav Lipinsky Str.
Contact manager / broker:
Skornitsky Vyacheslav
+38 067 556 04 79

NOVYI TSENTR is a modern multifunctional retail and business complex, which is equipped with everything necessary for the successful development of the business. A well-organized internal and external territory creates a business spirit and helps to concentrate on solving important issues.

NOVYI TSENTR includes two shopping centers (on Glinka St., 1 and Vyacheslav Lipinsky St., 7 b (formerly Shirshova), united by a single courtyard with a business complex, where offices are located, which are equipped with all necessary engineering systems and correspond to the class “ B”.

The retail and business complex NOVYI TSENTR occupies a strategic place on the map of the city of Dnipro. It is located in a block bounded by the streets of Sholom Alejhema, Glinka, Lipinsky (formerly Shirshov) and Kharkovskaya, at the New Bridge ramp. Convenient transport interchange makes it easy to get to NOVYI TSENTR complex from all areas of the city and the suburbs of Dnipro.

Conceptually, NOVYI TSENTR is designed for the average consumer. The shopping area housed the ATB grocery supermarket, shops offering household goods, as well as many departments with associated goods. The other floors are occupied by clothing and shoe stores.

There is a public transport terminal for 26 routes in the courtyard of NOVYI TSENTR. The construction object had a significant impact on the organization of suburban transport, collecting in one comfortable place the final stops of suburban buses and minibuses. The stop terminal of NOVYI TSENTR is equipped with speakerphone, video surveillance, night lighting and a control center.


Shopping facilities save passengers from the need to make long transitions in search for the desired purchase. Thus, in a relatively small area, tens of thousands of people can do their daily errands with comfort.

The retail and business complex NOVYI TSENTR is built on advanced building technologies using the best materials, which provides it with not only a beautiful appearance but also durability with a high level of comfort, both for tenants and visitors / buyers.

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