Date of commissioning - the fourth quarter of 2021
Dnipro, 5 Troitskaya
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“The apartment building on Krasnaya Street was built in 1913. The uniqueness of this building is underlined by the fact that it is recognized as an architectural monument. 17 apartments were located in the house, each of which consisted of 4 to 7 rooms. The basement of the building was occupied by trade establishments.”

RD TROITSKY is a sophisticated combination of history and modernity

RD TROITSKY is a unique Alef Estate project that harmoniously interacts with the environment, complementing the beautiful historical composition of the center of Dnipro.

The TROITSKY residential development is located in the heart of the historical part of Dnipro, at the intersection of Troitskaya (formerly Krasnaya St.) and Starokozatskaya (formerly Komsomolskaya) streets. The favorable location of the residential development will allow you to save time significantly. The best restaurants and SPA salons, shopping and business centers, schools and kindergartens are concentrated within walking distance.

The residential development combines 2 buildings: historical and modern. There are 132 apartments in the complex.

Historical building

5-storey building with a restored historical facade, one-level parking, a spacious lobby of 60 sq.m., three comfortable elevators with high reliability, quality and advanced technologies.

The number of apartments 64.

Modern building

An 11-storey building with ultra-modern architecture that fits perfectly into the historic urban infrastructure. The lobby is 30 sq.m. with two high-speed comfortable elevators.

The number of apartments 68.

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