TERRA (Kryvyi Rih City)

Gross building area (GBA) - 23 300 sq.m..
Underground parking
Food court represented by several restaurants
Gross lease area (GLA) - 14 000 sq.m.
Children's entertainment center
Escalators - 4
Krivoy Rog, 5th Zarechnyi microdistrict, 11 к
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Commercial premises
Office rent
Residential Properties
Main characteristics
Gross building area (GBA) 23,300 sq.m.
Gross lease area (GLA) 14 000 m2
Two types of parking: underground parking and outdoor parking near the shopping center. 150 cars
Big supermarket Varus
Supermarket of electronic equipment COMFY
Escalators – 4
Kryvyi Rih, 5th residential district Zarechny, 11k
Contact manager / broker:
Skornitsky Vyacheslav
+38 067 556 04 79

Shopping complex Terra with a gross area of  23,000 sq.m. is located in one of the busiest districts of Kryvyi Rih City at the 5th residential district Zarechny, 11k.

The capacity of the shopping complex is designed for 200,000 people.

“Terra” is a 3-storey building with underground parking and combines everything that a visitor needs.

The complex is located near convenient transportation and is within 10-15 minutes walking distance.

The shopping complex presents the entire line of goods, entertainment and services for the whole family.

Anchor tenants are VARUS grocery supermarket, COMFY electronics supermarket, ALLO and EVA stores, as well as representative offices of other well-known trademarks and brands.

Children’s entertainment center TERRA PARK, as well as a children’s development center Planet of Children are specially designed for kids.

A wide selection of retail operators, powerful specialized stores aimed at residents with an “average” income level allows both daily and large purchases within the same shopping complex, which saves time and thus attracts even more visitors.

Convenient location, modern interiors, a comfortable combination of opportunities for solving everyday problems and leisure in their free time, made the shopping complex Terra one of the favorite places for family shopping and recreation in Kryvyi Rih City.

Now it’s easy to get what you want – in Terra all the best is near you.

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