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Ermolaev Center construction progress

Ermolaev Center construction progress Ermolaev Center construction progress

We are sharing with you a new report from the construction site Ermolaev Center.

Residential tower:

  • piles, grillages are fully completed and backfill of grillages is made — 100%;
  • 100% of walls, columns and floor slabs up to the 0.000 mark;
  • bentonite waterproofing of grillages is done — 100%;
  • a tower crane has been installed and is in operation;
  • mounted and concreted 100% of the pits;
  • the formwork was exposed and 25% of the floor slab was reinforced at the level of +3.260;
  • 75% of the columns of the first floor have been completed (level +3.270).

Business tower:

  • pit piles are 100% complete;
  • grillages are 100% complete;
  • 85% of the column and wall of the diaphragm to the 0.000 mark;
  • bentonite mats are 100% assembled;
  • the curtain wall is 100% complete.


  • piles are 100% completed;
  • grillages 100%;
  • columns 100% up to 0.000;
  • walls 30% up to 0.000.

Around the perimeter, a retaining wall is made of 100% fencing piles.
The second tower crane was assembled and put into operation.


You can also follow the dynamics of construction in an on-line format:

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